Quality Standards

We, at Monsoon Foods, control each and every step from production to packaging, to provide you with safe and authentic fruits.

  1. GLOBAL GAP Certification

    We procure grapes only from farms that are GLOBAL GAP certified. GAP stands for Good Agricultural Practices and GLOBAL GAP is the internationally recognized standard for farm production that ensures safe and sustainable food production. The certification is provided by independent auditors and it covers
    • Food safety and traceability
    • Environment
    • Worker’s health, safety and welfare
    You can find more information at www.globalgap.org

  2. Safe Farming

    Our fruit is safe with pesticides below Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) as per Indian Food Safety Standards.What that means is your Monsoon Grapes are free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. We use the right mix of organic fertilizers chemicals and pesticides to achieve safety without compromising on productivity.

  3. Pre-Cooling and Refrigerated Transport

    Most of the perishable farm produce we get in the market is already 2-3 days old. That results in loss of most of the hydration and nutrition content till the fruit reaches the customers. To preserve the nutrition and increase the shelf life, the fruit needs to be pre-cooled right after it is procured from farms as well as through the transportation. But most of our scarce cooling infrastructure is used for export of the fruits, leaving sub-standard fruits for Indian consumers.
    We, at the Monsoon Foods, are trying to change this scenario in line with our founding principles.
    With our pack-house, your fruit is pre-cooled right after procurement. Also our partners provide world-class refrigeration facilities at many locations in India and refrigerated transport. This ensures that you get the freshest possible fruit with maximum nutrition content.

  4. Packaging

    Monsoon Grapes are packed at our pack-house in the most hygienic and controlled environment. Our pack-house is compliant with international hygiene standards. Our staff is trained to meticulously follow safety standards for exports as well as for domestic products.
    So all in all, you get hygienic fruit with minimal human contact.