Monsoon Grapes

  God made them sweet, we deliver them safe 

Pesticide Residue Free

Before the harvest and packing, your grapes are tested, verified and certified in the labs for below Maximum Residue Levels (MRL) as defined by Indian Food Safety Standards.
You can browse through one of our lab partners below:
TUV India

Trace Your Fruit

For the very first time in India, you can get the certified pesticide residue report using Traceability Identification Number (TIN). You can access the report by following steps below

  • Get the TIN from the purchase tag
  • Look up on our website in “Trace Our Fruit” section using TIN
  • OR
  • Scan the QR Barcode using your Smartphone application

Advanced Cold Chain Network

Your grapes are pre-cooled and stored in our pack house right after harvesting, to prevent dehydration and retain its maximum nutrient content.. Thereafter, with the help of state-of-the-art cold chain network provided by our partners, we strive to deliver fresh fruit you truly deserve.

GAP Certified Farmers

All our farmers are GLOBAL GAP certified which means that your grapes are grown sustainably and safely using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
You can find more information below: GLOBAL GAP Practices

Origin in Nashik

Your Monsoon Grapes are harvested in the farms of Nashik, Maharashtra.While buying grapes, when you ask for Nashik grapes, be assured to get Original Nashik Grapes.

Farm Fresh

We strive to provide you grapes directly from our farms, with maximum possible freshness.

Premium Size

Our grapes are premium in size, naturally sweet and of topmost quality.

Hygienically Packed Grapes

Our pack house is compliant with European Hygienic Standards. Our trained staff ensures that your grapes are handled with minimum human contact and utmost care from procurement to packaging to transport.