A Little Something About Monsoon Foods

  Know Your Fruit! Eat Safe! 


Our founders were troubled by the fact that all the best quality fruits are exported to developed countries due to higher profits their markets offer. They always had one question on their minds – “How do we provide our people with best and safe fruits?” So Monsoon Foods was started with this simple but revolutionary idea – “Let’s provide India with safe, fresh and tasty fruits at a competitive price”.


Our grapes come from the association of 250+ farmers who have taken upon themselves to produce safe, sweet and quality grapes. Each farmer of this association is GLOBAL GAP certified, which means that your grapes are grown sustainably and safely using Good Agricultural Practices (GAP).
Our association is committed to improve the farmer’s knowledge through collaborative sessions on upcoming technologies, research etc. This guarantees continuous quality improvement and uninterrupted supply of quality grapes for you.


The founding principles of Monsoon Foods can be stated as below:

  • Provide consumers with fruit of highest quality and safety
  • Complete transparency in the entire supply chain
  • End to end preservation of nutrition content
  • Competitive pricing
We are starting with Monsoon Grapes in our debut year and we envision expanding to more and more fruits for healthier India.


Monsoon Foods is headquartered in Nashik, Maharashtra, India and was founded in the year of 2007.
Since then, we have grown

  • From a family of 5 farmers to an association of 250+ farmers
  • From 1 client in Germany to 10 clients in Germany, UK, Vietnam
  • From 3 containers a year to hundreds of containers a year in export
Our own international standard pack house is ready for this season and has a capacity of over 50 metric tons per day.
As a result of this hard work and dedication, our grapes are being exported to European Union (EU) for the last eight years. We are offering a similar product to our Indian consumers at a competitive price.