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Have you ever asked the following questions while buying fruits?

Where was it produced?

Your Monsoon Grapes are harvested in the farms of Nashik, Maharashtra.

With Traceability Identification Number (TIN) on the package, you can trace information like pesticide residue report.

What are the chemical and residue levels?

Before the harvest and packing, your grapes are tested, verified and certified in the labs for below Maximum Residue Levels (MRL), as defined by Indian Food Safety Standards.
With the TIN, you can get the certified pesticide residue report for the grapes you are buying.

How fresh is your fruit?

Your grapes are pre-cooled and stored in our pack house right after procurement, to prevent dehydration and retain its maximum nutrient content.
Thereafter, with the help of state-of-the-art cold chain network provided by our partners, we strive to deliver fresh fruit that you truly deserve.


Our founders were troubled by the fact that all the best quality fruits are exported to developed countries due to higher profits their markets offer. They always had one question on their minds – “How do we provide our people with best and safe fruits?” So Monsoon Foods was started with this simple but revolutionary idea – “Let’s provide India with safe, fresh and tasty fruits at a competitive price”.


The founding principles of Monsoon Foods can be stated as below:

  • Provide consumers with fruit of highest quality and safety
  • Complete transparency in the entire supply chain
  • End to end preservation of nutrition content
  • Competitive pricing


We are starting Monsoon Grapes in our debut year in India and we envision expanding to more and more fruits for a healthier India.

What do people think?

Mind blowing product.The grapes are really sweet and of premium size.Residue free is a bonus for us!!

Vivek Nighot

The grapes are sweet and residue free. Awesome product!! 


Fresh and Tasty Fruits at a Competitive Price.Keep it up Monsoon Foods!!